Economic Development Fellowship
Baltimore, MD
Peer Exchange Panel

Commercial districts in a redeveloping neighborhood. Most of Baltimore’s growth and development is centralized in the Central Business District and its surrounding neighborhoods. While the downtown continues to grow, both in population, businesses, and investments, West Baltimore continues to see decline in population, infrastructure, and assets. Through the EED Fellowship, Baltimore will explore opportunities to revitalize the Pimlico Business District in the Central Park Heights and Pimlico Good Neighbors neighborhoods by identifying existing resources that can be directed towards existing businesses, developing resources that fill the gap for existing businesses, and attracting new businesses to the business district through equitable economic development strategies.

The project scope consists of a multiple phase approach to revitalizing the Park Heights Business District corridor.

  • Phase 1: Assist the existing business association with creating a strategy for the Pimlico Business District that addresses cleanliness, crime, marketing, and streetscape.
  • Phase 2: Work with existing businesses to address any business capacity concerns by utilizing the counselors with the Small Business Resource Center.
  • Phase 3: Direct existing resources to be applied to the Park Heights Commercial Corridor, by piloting new policies and strategies that make existing resources available to businesses that are otherwise excluded.
  • Phase 4: Identify vacant properties for a new Pop-Up store initiative that brings start-up and existing City businesses to Park Heights for a one year trial.

The Park Heights Business District is adjacent to the Pimlico Race Track in Northwest Baltimore and is comprised of two neighborhoods, Central Park Heights and Pimlico Good Neighbors. Both communities show over 40% of the community make less than $25,000 annually, a majority of its children living below poverty, and an unemployment rate of nearly 18%. Some of the desired Outcomes from the EED Fellowship are:

  • Reestablish the business association as the go to for business resources and assistance in the Pimlico Business District.
  • Improve foot traffic along the business corridor and add value to the existing businesses along the corridor.
  • Pilot a Pop-Up Initiative that brings a diverse group of businesses to the corridor.
  • Encourage the private sector to invest in the community, ultimately leading to the redevelopment of Pimlico Race Track.
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