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An Inside Look at Equitable Economic Development in Baltimore

Last week I sat down with Bill Cole, EED fellow from the city of Baltimore, Maryland, to discuss Baltimore’s participation in the program, the city’s focus on equity and the mayor’s vision for Park Heights, the city’s project area.

application open: Rose Center Public Officials Scholarship to the ULI Fall Meeting

The Rose Center provides a limited number of scholarships for eligible public officials to attend the ULI Fall Meeting. The scholarship will include complimentary registration and up to $1,500 expense reimbursement for additional tickets items, [...]

Why Downtown Development is Crucial for American Cities

Every year, mayors from cities of all sizes share their visions for the upcoming year in their state of the city speeches. NLC has analyzed trends in these speeches for the last five years, and it should surprise no one that economic development [...]

Rose Fellowship Director Gideon Berger Interviewed on Nationally Syndicated Bill Press Radio Show

Rose Fellowship Director Gideon Berger was interviewed about the changing urban landscape of Washington, D.C. on the nationally syndicated Bill Press Show. Skip ahead to the second hour to see the entire 30-minute segment.

An Inside Look at Equitable Economic Development in Nashville

Last week, during the Equitable Economic Development (EED) Fellowship program closing retreat, I interviewed Ashford Hughes, Sr., EED fellow from the city of Nashville, Tennessee. Here, Ashford shares highlights from Nashville’s participation in [...]

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