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An Inside Look at Economic Development in Japan

This year, a familiar face was selected to participate in the Japan Local Government Center’s Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) Fellowship Exchange program. Martha Brown, the deputy commissioner for the Department [...]

Jeffrey Williams’ 2018 ULI Fall Meeting Blog

When offered the opportunity to attend the ULI Fall Meeting, I jumped at the chance. I prepared myself to participate in the Meeting’s events and activities as a long tenured government official looking to gain greater perspective on how our [...]

Cameron Arial’s 2018 ULI Fall Meeting Blog

I was so fortunate to attend the ULI Fall 2018 Meeting in Boston and was able to attend many useful workshops and network with some incredible people! As a public official, I was so grateful to be able to attend and hopefully bring some of the [...]

John Hersey’s 2018 ULI Fall Meeting Blog

I am very fortunate to have attended the 2018 ULI Fall Meeting in my hometown hub of Boston, MA. The conference agenda was packed with familiar case studies from New England and thought-provoking insights from around the country as well as more [...]

Caroline McCarthy’s 2018 ULI Fall Meeting Blog

Attending the 2018 ULI Fall Meeting in Boston as a Rose Center Scholarship recipient provided the opportunity to get out of the day-to-day bubble of planning and land use in Montgomery County, MD, outside Washington, DC and learn about [...]

Racial and Social Equity Increasingly Are Part of Development Goals

Over the last decade, the remaking of urban districts around the United States has often led to significant neighborhood upheaval. But developers, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies are placing increasing emphasis on building equitable [...]

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