Kevin Johns

CEO of Future Economies LLC
Former Director, Economic Development Department - City of Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Mr. Johns is the Founder of Future Economies LLC, a Global Economics Practice focused on transformational economic development in communities across the world. In this capacity he advises visionary leaders on customizing implementation of award winning economic strategies, gaining access to global capital infrastructure investments, poverty elimination, breaking the cycle of children in poverty, partnerships and economic incentives, strengthening the creative economy, and guidance on implementing performance based ROI block chain software and economic systems to increase tax revenues without cutting services or raising taxes.

Kevin is the former Director of Economic Development for Austin, Texas, top new economy in America. In this capacity, he led an internationally recognized team of 77, transforming Austin’s Economy (2010 to 2018) into a global innovation, creative and economic powerhouse. His successes are well noted in Small Business expansion (Harvard Ash Government Award), Strategic Economic Planning (IEDC Best Strategy to Address Globalization), Public Engagement (Emmy Award), ROI software & tools (LOCI, Envision Tomorrow) for Incentives block chain results (Rated #1 by Good Jobs First for Transparency), and, Urban Regeneration (IEDC Best Public Private Partnership globally, APA Secretary of HUD Economic Award and US Green Energy Council Awards). His accomplishments include over 230 successful public private partnerships in communities across America. His most recent initiative, the Einstein Challenge, was featured in the National League of Cities “Austin has what it takes in Equitable Development.” It is a new property tax incentive strategy to eliminate child poverty. An independent analysis found that tutoring 40,000 poverty children in Austin for 10 yeas would produce an ROI of $38 million annually in net new revenues. The project is modeled on the performance based contracts for Apple, Facebook, Samsung, VISA, Athena Health, E Bay … which invest $14 billion in Austin and created an ROI for the City of 239%.

His Vision is the use of cultural diversity and equity as an economic strength, locally and internationally. Kevin’s global trade strategy, the “Science City Network” capitalized on Hispanic, Black and Asian Chambers of Commerce business diaspora, linking Austin’s tech community to 125,000 innovation firms worldwide. Mr. Johns was previously Director of Planning for the Atlanta U.S. Regional Office of the Parsons Corporation, Director of Palm Beach County, Florida., and Director of two of the nation’s fastest growing suburbs, both in metro Atlanta. His work and successes have been noted in the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, the National League of Cities book “Economic Successes in Small Cities,” NBC – Atlanta’s, “In Depth TV Show”, Urban Land Institute’s Land Development Magazine, Southern Living, Los Angeles Times and the Christian Science Monitor.

Mr. Johns has a Masters Degree in City Planning from Georgia Tech, and a BA from Case Western Reserve University.

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