Land Use Fellowship
Phoenix, AZ
Peer Exchange Panel

In 2003, Phoenix adopted a Transit-oriented Development (TOD) Overlay anticipating the development of our light rail system. The purpose of the overlay was to encourage development characterized by a mix of uses surrounding a transit station that cater to the pedestrian. The overlay was placed on property a quarter mile on either side of the light rail route with the exception of the route traveling through the downtown core.

After adoption of the zoning overlay, the Mayor proposed the light rail corridor as a model for sustainable development. Phoenix is now reviewing potential incentives to bring “green” development to the corridor. To date, the overlay has been successful near the downtown area. However, large parcels of land along the light rail corridor just outside of the downtown remain undeveloped or underdeveloped. The problem is many of the incentives have already been addressed through incentives in the TOD overlay. What more can the public sector bring to the table? Phoenix would like to re-evaluate the TOD overlay in light of the green corridor proposal, understand what incentives work, and propose additional ideas to promote the green corridor.

Several investments have been shaped by the light rail line near downtown Phoenix, but the city would like to work to expand this denser, mixed-use energy further out the line.

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