Carolyn Laurie

Principal Planner - Planning & Development Services Department, City of Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Carolyn has more than 12 years of professional planning experience in both the public and private sectors. She currently oversees the significant and economic development projects with the City of Tucson including special overlay districts, which require additional community consideration, design, committee or board reviews. She collaborated with stakeholders and land use attorneys to draft the City of Tucson Infill Incentive District update, as well as other significant development code texts such as Urban Agriculture and Medical Marijuana amendments.

Her responsibilities for the city include public notification, comment and outreach, management of citizen’s task force, review of environmental and technical reports, and study area review. She was responsible for case coordination and management, as well as drafting language for study sessions and public hearings for Planning Commission consideration and Mayor and Council action.

Previous experience includes the coordination of inter-agency environmental planning projects for industrial, commercial, utility, and military clients; county, state, and local regulatory personnel, nongovernmental organizations, and community stakeholders. She has completed community and environmental planning projects, study area identification, urban design and project landscape, site design and plan review; zoning, variances, entitlements and conditional use permitting.

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