Don’t overbuild Blaisdell complex

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This article was originally posted by Honolulu Star-Advertiser. To read the rest of the article, click here.

A quick glance at an aerial photo of the neighborhood makes it obvious that the revitalized “cultural corridor” that Mayor Kirk Caldwell envisions for urban Honolulu is no pie-in-the-sky idea. The question is not whether this worthy vision can be achieved, but how to do so in a way that makes the stretch a vibrant entertainment magnet for Oahu residents near and far, and not simply another gaudy commercial district. The Urban Land Institute’s Daniel Rose Center for Public Leadership, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, is offering the city free technical assistance as part of its fellowship program encouraging high standards for land use and development expertise the city needs as Oahu’s rail construction proceeds and transit-oriented development moves off the drawing board and into real life. Read the full article

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